Summer dreamin’

Well, summer is officially here…..and… feels so amazing!!! So excited to experience all of the amazing fruits, trails, and a big garden this year!!

I just cleaned out this raised bed of strawberries today and found a few gems of freshness. Ahhh!! Delicious. I’m hoping more will ripen and come up so I can make some jams.

Blueberries are in full bloom right now and should be ready to pick and eat in a few weeks. More pies, muffins, and jams!! The garden is looking good and growing great!! I’m so excited and proud because it’s my first garden and its huge. I’d say it’s probably over 20 ft. Long and 10 ft wide. Yay!!! Life is good and have so much to be thankful for.

Money continues always to be the stressor. When isn’t it? I am hoping we will get some work done on the cabin this summer and maybe I’ll make a little bit of extra money with selling some fresh fruits and veggies, making desserts for people, meal prepping, etc. Whatever I can do I want to do it.

We have so much already, but work continues out here to make it the best it can be and will be.

Much love and support is greatly appreciated if you know of anyone that would like meal prepping, desserts for special occasions, jams, or other baked goods past my business and name to them.


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